MTAC Partners with PULSE Center Encourages Patient Safety Education & Advocacy

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School sports and community recreation is an important part of how Massapequas’ youth develop into healthy adults. In the Massapequas, over 80% of youth (grades 7 to 12) reported playing on a school athletic team, running, cheering or exercising on their own (2015 YDS Survey). Unfortunately, injuries can, and do, occur for both athletes and student as 33% of Massapequas' youth (grades 7 to 12) reported being treated for an injury or surgery where they were prescribed pain medication (2018 PFS Survey).

Thanks to a grant from the Pulse Patient Safety Education Fund, MTAC is distributing its Opioids & Sports Prevention Booklet to Massapequas’ parents, athletes and community sports organizations.  The booklet is a valuable resource in the prevention of pain medication and prescription drug misuse. “We are so excited to partner with Massapequa Takes Action Coalition as they share our mission to empower families to be active members in managing of their healthcare”, stated Ilene Corina, President and Patient Safety Advocate at the PULSE Center for Patient Safety Education and Advocacy.  “MTAC’s Opioids & Sports is a great tool to encourage discussions between parents/patients and their healthcare providers when prescribed pain medication or any prescription drug,” Corina added.

To obtain copies of MTAC’s Opioids & Sports Prevention Booklet, contact Cathy Samuels, MTAC Project Director at (516) 799-3000 x 131 or email at For more information regarding the PULSE Patient Safety Education Fund go to You can also learn more about patient safety and advocacy at the PULSE Center for Patient Safety Education and Advocacy website: or call (516) 579- 4711.


Click here for MTAC's Opioids and Sports Handbook.

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