About MTAC

Located on the southwestern portion of Long Island and facing the Great South Bay, Massapequa and Massapequa Park are townships known as beautiful hamlets to raise a family and develop strong bonding ties.  Hard working and dedicated to the community, Massapequans take pride in their neighborhoods, places of business and support for one another.

We live in challenging times with a drug epidemic that must be faced head on within our community through guidance, support and education to eradicate drug misuse and addiction.

Enter Massapequa Takes Action Coalition (MTAC)

MTAC seeks to prevent and reduce risky behaviors among youth thereby diminishing the danger of drug use, heroin overdose and other high-risk activities.

As a coalition with over 15 different stakeholders within the community, our goal is to help young people and their families find better ways to manage their emotional pain and minimize their stress without using or abusing drugs and alcohol.

MTAC is here to help and we have many resources for your young adults and families.  Take the time to source through our website and learn how to “LOCK YOUR MEDS” and be cognizant of what may be made available to young adults. 

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Frightening Facts:

  • 71% of young people who misuse prescription drugs get them from their homes, friends' homes or relatives' homes.*
  • Massapequa ranks highest in arrests for heroin in Nassau County for 2016 with a total of 80 arrests.
  • Overdoses were the leading cause of deaths in Nassau County among 18-35 year olds: 210 in 2015; 190 in 2016.
  • Nationally: 1 in 5 teens have taken prescription drugs without a doctor’s prescription one or more times in their life.
  • 40% of teens believe prescription drugs are safer than illicit drugs – they are not. When misused they can be addictive – or worse – fatal.
  • 9 out of 10 people with a substance use disorder started using alcohol and marijuana before they turned 18 years of age.
  • Nearly half of young people who use heroin report abusing prescription pain killers before starting heroin.

* Young Adult Survey by MTAC 2016

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